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You are integrating as an alternative payment method to your merchant website and ensuring that the transaction generated in the merchant website will be successfully redirected to your host and then to .com.
Based on the service fee we charge the merchant, you will receive an ongoing commission.

Customer Benefits

1.Increased merchant satisfaction by providing a RMB based payment method through
2.Increased business with the Chinese customer base
3.Competitive currency exchange pricing

Real-Time Scenarios

  • 0. The online shop or E-Commerce website (with shopping cart system) is integrated with Payment Method Gateway based on API given
  • 1. Customer visits the online shop to buy their preferred products / services online in US Dollar.
  • 2. Customer proceeds to checkout and is redirected to the payment method gateway
  • 3. Customer clicks on the "Pay By " button to continue.
  • 4. Customer proceeds to make payment in the payment gateway.
  • 5. authorizes or rejects the payment
  • 6. Payment gateway informs the online store on the payment status.
  • 7. Customer is redirected to the result page, seeing either "Thank You" or "Payment Fail, Please try again later"

Not Real-Time Scenarios