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Product Function

  1. Real time payment solution:
  2. Settlement:
    collects the payment (RMB) from the customer, use this payment to purchase the corresponding foreign currency, and then will remit the sum to the receiving bank account of merchants in the settlement process. Currently, we support the settlement of 12 different foreign currencies.

Standard Fees

Fee TypeFee DescriptionFee level
Set-up fee

Free, No annual fee or guarantee deposit, used to cover:
1. To cover internal management costs
2. To cover foreign exchange costs as refunding occurs

Transaction feePer transaction charge: 2.5%
Remittance fee

Settlement by turnover:
for example: if the clearing currency is USD,

will cover the remittance fee for the settlement banks. If there are any fees from the intermediary bank or the receiving bank, will not be responsible for those costs.
Exchange rate will bear the currency exchange risk and costs NONE


  1. Instant payment solution, helps to maintain your cashflow.
  2. Your customers will enjoy a secure, simple and convenient payment experience.
  3. Our 3 months payment refund window can enhance the confidence of online shoppers and help with charge disputes.


  1. Coverage: 12 settlement currencies:
  2. Foreign currency purchase:
    After collecting the payment from the customer's account, will purchase foreign currency the next day according to the spot rate that the settlement bank provides.
  3. Type of settlement:
    a) Settlement by turnover: when the merchant's turnover is at least $5000USD (lower limit), we will transfer the payments to receiving bank account of the merchant immediately.
    b) Settlement period options: weekly, monthly, quarterly.
  4. Settlement bank:
    has 12 foreign currency accounts in the Bank of China and China Construction Bank.t.

Application Pre-Conditions

  1. Valid international business license and completed application form.
  2. will verify the application materials as part of the application process.
  3. will also audit the application documents periodically.